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Speedy Van is a state of Minnesota certified and licensed transportation service provider with world-class facilities and a team of experts, we provide access to vital health & human services through our non-emergency & special transportation services.

We are a State of Minnesota certified and licensed transportation service provider. We offer non-emergency medical transportation benefits to patients to and from their healthcare appointments as well as special medical transportation services to individuals with disabilities and other transportation disadvantaged populations.

We seek to provide access to vital Health and Human Services for our target population through our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Special Transportation and  Services within the ten County areas adjourning the Twin Cities.

We aim to be recognised and continually cited as a “best practices” provider of an array of Non-Emergency Transportation Services in the state of Minnesota.

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2500 East 25th Street #106, Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA

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+1 612-886-2811

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